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Discover projects and works I have allready done:


Daily Sketches

Discover here the sketch of the day. Silhouet, faces, landscapes, animals...
walking around and meeting the emotion in the daily details
makes me fully enjoy the present reality. It's a way of life.


Artistic works

Drawing and painting sharpen the look : beauty appears where she's not exepected.
A banal fish in supermarket superbanal blue wrap : what an incredible colorfull and unique glitter ! How can we forget.
We live in a world more and more standardized. But we can marvel again.

About me

Anne-Raphaëlle de Barmon

Anne-Raphaëlle DE BARMON

Graduated from one of the best French school of management, Audencia Nantes, and illustrator,
I have an hybrid profile, allying understanding of business, marketing and entrepreneurship with a visual and emotional approach.
I offer visual services for companies and private people based on a synthetic thinking and the capactiy of observing, feeling the atmosphere,
live sketching people and ideas. If I am an artist, I see my role at the service of the society, integrated in the business community,
bringing in and out a different vision.

Testimonies of my partners

Geneviève Morand

Geneviève MORAND

Management researcher for 30 years, executive manager in audiovisuel for 15 years,
internet entrepreneur for the following 15 years, speaker and author of 3 books and many chronicles,
Geneviève is an expert on Networks and Collaborative Management.

When you think in "words", Anne-Raphaëlle thinks in "pictures".
Working with her is putting a tiger in your communication because one picture is worth more than 10 000 words.
She puts her felt pen at the service of your challenges.
In my case, I work with her to totally re-shape my courses supports and presentations about Collaborative Management and Facilitating Collaborative Intelligence.
I develop the line of a new participative conference that took a new face thanks her capacity to synthetize my thinking and capture my intentions in her drawings.
With Anne-Raphaëlle, I take the time to formalize 30 years of Management Research I can now share and pass for everyone greatest pleasure.
Simply happiness !


Engineer, competitive swimmer for 7 years, Manager for 13 years.
Since 2003 she is a coach, a sparing partner and a facilitator, with expertise in Emotional Intelligence,
Interpersonal Communication, Energy Management and Happiness at work.



After having coordinated seminars at IMD Business School for 14 years,
I discovered Graphic Recording “by accident” and thought: “But this is exactly what I want to do!”
A 4-day training further, and since 2012, I became Visual Facilitator at IMD, capturing the content of sessions, and providing the participants with a visual memory.
I am also a painter, using different techniques to express myself.

"When we started collaborating in a one-week seminar where she was supposed to assist me, she started scribbling and sketching.
Very soon I asked her to draw on her own, standing in the back of the audience, to capture the key messages transmitted by the Professor, Mr. George Kohlrieser.
She performed very well, especially in sketching the people where her sense of faces was as well as a confirmed cartoonist would do.
Also, her capacity of synthesising the content of the teaching is of high value and she brings her touch of humour that is important in this task.
I warmly recommend her to anybody looking for a talented “Visual Facilitator".

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