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Anne-Raphaëlle de Barmon

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I have a dual profile combining an understanding of the business world and artistic sensitivity. After graduating with a Master's degree in management and specialising in customer relations, and gaining experience in business development, I was looking for a more creative path.

In 2016, I met the visual facilitator at IMD, where I enthusiastically tried my hand at graphic recording for the first time. From that day on, I've felt like I'd just stepped into a rocket. Today, as a freelance visual practitioner, I put my sense of synthesis and my quick pencil stroke at your service to give life and impact to your messages

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a community

I'm also delighted to be a member of the Visual Practitioners Switzerland association, which was set up in 2023, and to be making an active contribution to bringing our profession together and raising its profile.

Visit the website of the association!

Visit the website of the association!

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