Visualise in the workplace

The aim of visual practices within organisations is to increase the impact of your messages and the productivity of your collaborators. Creativity, humour, aesthetics and uniqueness are all ways of achieving what too many words or too many standardised images can no longer do in a world saturated with information.

Visual language is not just for artists or children. We can use these tools in our everyday professional lives to work and communicate with greater pleasure, spontaneity and efficiency.


Graphic recording

In real time during your event, I listen, synthesise and translate the content of the discussions into images. The result: at a glance, you have an overview of the key messages, presented attractively and clearly thanks to a unique freehand creation combining lettering, metaphors, characters, icons and diagrams.

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whiteboard animation

It's a short video format in which you see the design being built up in fast motion, accompanied by a voice-over and background music. The educational impact is very strong, because you capture both the eye and the ear of your audience, transmitting a lot of information in a short space of time and in a fun way.

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strategic visualisation

Based on a briefing and documentation, I create a clear, attractive and impactful map of the issues you want to communicate about.

A unique freehand visual that your audience will be able to relate to.

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Visual workshop

Why not yourself? You use your mother tongue every day and yet you're not a poet. Do you need to be an artist to use visual language? Why not make it an everyday tool that comes naturally to you at work and at home? A good balance between words and images is the key to optimal communication.

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