Graphic recording

In real time during your event, I listen, synthesise and translate the content of the discussions into images. The result: at a glance, you have an overview of the key messages, presented attractively and clearly thanks to a unique freehand creation combining lettering, metaphors, characters, icons and diagrams.

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In addition to the "wow" effect of the performance, graphic recording, also known as "live scribing" :

  • speeds up comprehension and facilitates memorisation,

  • creates an emotional bond with the audience

  • encourages action

You have an exceptional opportunity to make your event stand out over time, because you can communicate on the content itself, and do so with originality. For example, not only can you transmit the digital image to participants or broadcast it on your media platforms, but you can also display the mural on your premises, reuse it for another event, etc. You extend the impact of your message over time.

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Graphic recording is suitable for many types of events, including participative events:

  • conference

  • participative workshops

  • world café

  • public consultations

  • interviews, needs analyses

  • seminars

  • conferences

  • forums

  • strategy meetings

  • brainstorming

  • webinars


my personal touch

I like large formats to give an overview of the subject, to highlight the overall structure (or lack of it), the convergences and divergences, the coherences and inconsistencies. I prefer white backgrounds, which provide clarity and lightness and save on ink and therefore ecological impact. I also like to sketch the portraits of the speakers when the circumstances lend themselves to it.

What's next: graphics recordings based on artificial intelligence?


in concrete terms

Before the event, we hold a briefing to identify your objectives and select the best options for organising the logistics. There are several options:

  • paper fresco

  • digital fresco

  • rigid panels

  • face-to-face

  • remotely

During: I bring my own equipment (markers and paper/graphic tablet) and sit in the room so that I can accompany the process without taking over from the presenters. If you wish, at the end of the event, I can present the conclusion based on the drawing.

Afterwards, I'll send you the digital HD version and, if there is one, the original paper version. A paper fresco can be laminated and/or glued onto a rigid support, while a digital fresco can be printed in various formats, copies and supports. The aim is to maximise the impact of your event and the longevity of your message.