visual workshops

Why you? You use your mother tongue every day and yet you're not a poet. Do you have to be an artist to use visual language? Why not make it an everyday tool that comes naturally to you at work and at home? A good balance between words and images is the key to optimal communication. Visualising helps to make the subject more concrete, to focus discussions, to share and align visions and values, to engage and, of course, to have fun.

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co-creation workshops

Design thinking is an agile, collaborative problem-solving method based on understanding user needs. From the immersion phase to the prototyping phase, I accompany your sprints, step by step. Visual tools are key in this method for developing empathy with users, mapping their journeys, brainstorming and synthesising. I'd be particularly keen to work with you if you're looking to develop products that are compatible with the circular economy and have a positive ecological impact.



You may object that "I'm rubbish at drawing" or "I'm not creative". My answer is:

"Everyone can draw", as Dan Roam demonstrates in his best-selling book: "all drawing is a combination of simple shapes", lines, circles, squares, triangles.

Since 100% of children are creative, the seed is already in you. I'll help you break through your mental barriers and better understand the creative process.

This intense yet fun workshop will enable you to unlock your creative potential, develop your ability to translate your ideas into images, and explore how to apply visual tools in a realistic and concrete way in your day-to-day professional life.


Would you like to organise a tailor-made private workshop or register for a public workshop?

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